Born in Berlin , Germany, Carsten Stehr received his BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. After spending 13 years in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California and France, he is living on the island of Mykonos in Greece.

For over a decade the Artist has been leading Expeditions to all continents, including Antartica, for small educational groups, University alumni travel as well as the National Geographic society.

His work has been exhibited and collected internationally as well as in the United States, including the Forbes Collection in NYC.

“An exploration into the symbiotic relationship of nature and the human condition, Stehr’s paintings form a study of both the world he observes on his island in the Aegean sea, as well as his extensive travel.

Protagonists and ‘Leitmotiv’ in search of the universal are as much a part of his investigations, as the shifting relationship of form, color and light.
He translates the world around him into an esoteric stage of (sometimes whimsical) monumentality, its participants continually forced to improvise unfinished plays.”

In his most recent group of work, the Aeolos and Fanari Blu series, the Artist has let himself feel the esoteric nature of the Cycladic islands, their harsh environ and clear divisions of form and light.
The Aeolos series, for example was painted in the incredible forceful winds which so characterize the island of Mykonos.

Carsten Stehr is seeking with his work to uncover layers beneath the visible and conscious.
b.t. Wall describes his work in his recent article as 'Scubism':

"As with Rothko, the spectator is not asked to see any thing.   It might even be preferable to close one's eyes--to sense the play of light on one's eyelids, rather than focusing on any out there.   Stehr knows there's only in here --and he goes after it without hesitation--let others tinker with technique, pontificate about influences--he's interested only in getting to the bottom of things, and isn't about to temporize or take baby-steps.  This is artistic scuba.  
You'd better not be afraid of the dark--and it's  advisable to bring your air with you.

from b.t Wall 'Scubism', Paris, 2005

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